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Samira Al Zarooni

Samira Al Zarooni

Senior Lawyer

Samira Ismaeel Mohammad Ahmed Al Zarooni is the Senior Lawyer at Al Zarooni lawyers & legal consultants, with over a decade of familiarity in litigation & arbitration. Her experience and contributions towards upholding the integrity of the legal industry within the United Arab Emirates makes her one of the highly regarded and reputable lawyers in the region. She has vast experience in providing counsel to clients across the GCC region on various matters and has established her long-standing professional relationship with the various courts through her strong presence and seniority. She is fluent in both Arabic & English.

Saud Al Zarooni

Saud Al Zarooni

Associate Lawyer

Mr. Saud Ahmed Abdelkarim Al Zarooni is an Associate Lawyer at Samira Al Zarooni advocates & legal consultants. He inherits educational background in Law and Judicial Studies. His career includes variety of positions as a lawyer with Emirates Law Firm, as well as with the General Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai and has supervised at Dubai International Ports.

He is fluent in  Arabic, English & Urdu

Mohammed Noushad

Mohamad Noushad

CEO & Legal Director

Mr. Mohamed Noushad is the Managing Director at Al Zarooni Lawyers & Legal consultants. Leading the team at Al Zarooni, Mr. Noushad’s immense knowledge and firsthand experience in legal procedures within UAE has proven to be the strongest asset to the Firm. His specialization and expertise are mainly with criminal, civil and commercial matters with over 10 years of experience in the region. He is well known for his personal yet professional approach to resolving issues through confidentiality & trust. As he is fluent in Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, English, Malayalam & Tamil as well,  making it possible for him to put the clients at ease in their preferred language in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the issues, and solutions required for any situation. Have been involved in the industry for over a period, Mr. Noushad has established trusted relationships with his clients.

Team SAZ Advocates

Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

Head of Litigation &
Senior Advisor

Mr.Ibrahim is a litigation specialist with experience in civil, commercial and criminal law. After his university studies, he practiced in Sudan for few years, specialising in civil and commercial litigation. He handles major Real Estate litigation issues and provides advisory and consultation for various local and international clients. He specializes and provides assistance of litigation and consultation on various aspects of the law and business with principal focus on commercial disputes such as commercial agencies, banking, insurance, corporate disputes, IP disputes, real estate and employment disputes.

Mr. Ibrahim speaks English and Arabic

Suhana Latheef

HR and Admin Executive

Suhana is our HR & Admin in charge  with her focus mainly in Human Resources & Psychology and 8 years of professional experience in managing entire Gamut of Human Resource function in areas  of Performance & Learning , Recruiting & Staffing, Documentation, Policy Development, Compensation & Benefits Management  and Employee Welfare activities in our firm. She is well versed with the UAE Labor Law and experienced in settling labor disputes in collaboration with the legal department. She manages our accounts as well. Apart from being an all-rounder in her duties, she is a strong thread holding our team strong with her policy of Work hard & be nice to people.

Syedda Asma

Syedda Asma

Legal Coordinator

Asma is the Legal Coordinator at our firm, who is our multitasking expert, she specializes in Marketing and Management. She provides assistance with the legal documentation, because of her working knowledge in Arabic it also helps with the paperwork required at Dubai Courts. Her fast pace attitude and collaborative nature has proven to be valuable in a busy law firm environment. She is also the first point of contact to our clients. Along with her digital marketing specialization which helps the firm to get a wider reach of audience looking for a legal advice. Throughout her career, she has been driven by intellectual curiosity to find answers making her quick in uncovering a customer’s pain point and identifying a strategic solution to it. English, Hindi, Urdu & Arabic are the languages she can assist our clients with.

Nazar Abbas Mohammed ali

Nazar Abbas Mohammed Ali

Legal Researcher

Mr. Nazar Abbas Mohammed Ali is the Legal Researcher and the Delegate in Courts representing Samira Al Zarooni. He has plenty of experience in legal procedures that includes registration and filing of cases in the appropriate court, managing case hearing dates, updating, and scheduling them. He also assists in Researching & helping with ideas for the best-case approach, managing communication between the lawyers, Keeping updated on the latest laws and regulations. He ensures all files are complete with documents required in courts. His active and fast-paced nature helps the firm’s smooth functioning. Some of the languages he can communicate in includes Arabic and English.

Al Mahdi Al Amin

Legal Researcher

Mr. Al Mahdi does a commendable job as a Legal researcher at Samira Al Zarooni by representing Samira Al Zarooni Advocates and Legal consultants as a Delegate in Courts.



He is fluent in Arabic & English

Soumya Sethumadhavan

Digital Marketing Executive

Ms. Soumya sethumadhavan is our Digital Marketing Executive. She assists in the planning, execution and optimization of our online marketing efforts. She also monitors the ongoing company presence on social media, by creating and publishing informative content.

She has experience in WordPress Website management, Creative content writing, SEO marketing, running ad campaigns, Designing & editing content with softwares like Canva, Wondershare Filmora, Illustrator etc.

She speaks English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil fluently.

C V Moideen

C V Moideen

Legal Representative

Mr. Moideen works for Samira Al Zarooni as Legal Representative. He has strong understanding of marketing principles and is routinely following up on new business opportunities. 

He is in constant contact with potential clients and partners, following up on enquiries and exploring new opportunities for the firm.

Mr. Moideen is fluent in Arabic, English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam.

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