LegalDeportation: Legal & Administrative

June 1, 2021

Deportation is the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country.

There are two types of deportations in UAE; That is legal and administrative. Wherein, the former is through an order of the court. And Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority issues the latter.

Legal Deportation

Legal deportation is issued under a court order against a foreigner who is sentenced for a felony by a custodial punishment

In other words, it is issued against a foreign expatriate who is charged with a crime and the punishment involves imprisonment.

For example, crimes that can get a non-immigrant deported include document fraud, domestic violence, drug or controlled substance offenses firearms trafficking, money laundering, fraud, espionage, sabotage, terrorism etc.

Administrative Deportation

On the other hand, Administrative deportation is issued by Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority. Also it is against a foreigner for the sake of public interest, security, morals, or public health. Another important point is that any administrative order for deportation passed by the relevant authority may also include deportation against the members of his family, dependent on him.

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