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Welcome to Samira Al Zarooni Law Firm, your trusted partner for all your real estate legal needs in Dubai. Our team of experienced real estate lawyers is dedicated to providing you with expert advice, seamless transactions, and comprehensive solutions for a wide range of property-related matters. With a deep understanding of Dubai’s real estate landscape, we are committed to guiding you through the intricacies of property law with professionalism and precision.

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    Our Comprehensive Real Estate Law Services

    At Samira Al Zarooni Law Firm, we offer a wide range of real estate legal services to cater to your unique property needs. Our expertise covers various aspects of real estate law, including:

    1. Property Transactions: Navigating property transactions in Dubai requires careful attention to legal regulations. Our skilled real estate lawyers ensure smooth and legally compliant buying, selling, leasing, and transferring of properties.
    2. Contract Drafting and Review: Our real estate lawyers are adept at drafting, reviewing, and negotiating property contracts to safeguard your interests. Whether it’s a sale agreement, lease contract, or development agreement, we ensure your rights are protected.
    3. Property Disputes: In the case of property disputes, our experienced lawyers work diligently to resolve conflicts related to ownership, boundaries, title, and more. We strive to reach effective solutions through negotiation or legal action.

    **Unfinished or Incomplete Projects:**

    When you invest in a property project, you expect timely completion. If you’re stuck with an unfinished or incomplete project, Our experienced legal team can assist you in seeking your rightful claims from the Supreme Committee for canceled projects, ensuring your rights are protected.

    **Contract Breach by Developers:**

    If a developer breaches the terms of your contract, it’s essential to have skilled legal representation to uphold your rights. We specialize in cases involving contract breaches and can help you recover losses or seek appropriate remedies.

    **Payment Defaults by Investors/Purchasers:**

    In cases where investors or purchasers fail to meet payment obligations, our firm can provide effective legal strategies to safeguard your interests and recover outstanding payments.

    Our Expertise

    • Contract Drafting and Review
    • Property disputes and litigation
    • Due diligence
    • Title and ownership matters
    • Rental and lease agreements
    • Real estate investment advices
    • Estate planning and Inheritance
    • Mortgage advisory services
    • Mediation and alternative dispute resolutions

    Landlord-Tenant Matters

    Navigating rental disputes requires specialized legal expertise, and our law firm excels in handling a range of eviction cases with precision and dedication. If you’re a landlord facing complex tenant-related challenges, our experienced legal team is well-equipped to address the following grounds for tenant eviction:

    **Non-Payment of Rent:**

    Consistent failure to pay rent can have significant financial implications for landlords. Our firm provides strategic guidance to landlords seeking eviction due to unpaid rent while ensuring adherence to legal procedures.

    **Unauthorized Subletting:**

    Tenant subletting without obtaining the landlord’s explicit consent can lead to intricate legal scenarios. We offer tailored solutions for landlords looking to address unauthorized subletting and regain control over their property.

    **Illegal Use of Property:**

    If a leased property is being utilized for unlawful activities that disrupt public order or violate moral standards, landlords have the right to pursue eviction. Our legal experts can guide landlords through the process of removing tenants engaged in such activities.

    **Vacancy Violations:**

    In the case of commercial properties left vacant for extended periods, landlords may have grounds for eviction. Our firm assists landlords in asserting their rights and initiating eviction proceedings in accordance with relevant laws.

    **Property Damage and Unauthorized Alterations:**

    Tenant actions that result in property damage or unauthorized alterations endangering the premises can warrant eviction. Our legal team supports landlords in safeguarding their property interests through proper eviction procedures.

    **Violation of Lease Terms:**

    When tenants consistently breach the terms of the lease agreement, landlords can seek eviction. Our firm aids landlords in enforcing lease terms and ensuring tenants fulfill their legal obligations.

    **Government-Mandated Demolition:**

    In cases where government authorities mandate the demolition of a property, tenants are required to vacate. We offer legal guidance to landlords facing such situations, ensuring the eviction process aligns with legal requirements.

    **Breach of Planning and Building Regulations:**

    If a leased property’s use violates planning and building regulations, landlords can pursue eviction. Our legal experts assist landlords in navigating these intricate cases effectively.

    **Desperate Repair and Technical Reports:**

    When a property’s condition significantly deteriorates, as confirmed by an approved technical report, landlords have the right to initiate eviction proceedings. Our firm helps landlords utilize technical reports to support their eviction claims.

    **Failure to Abide by Legal Obligations:**

    Tenants who consistently neglect legal obligations or lease terms can be subject to eviction. Our legal team empowers landlords to take appropriate action, ensuring tenants meet their responsibilities.

    **Tenant Representation:**

    If you’re a tenant embroiled in a rental dispute with your landlord, our legal team is here to support you. We understand the intricacies of tenant rights and can provide you with the guidance needed to navigate issues such as unlawful rental increases, breach of tenancy terms, and other disputes. Our aim is to ensure fair treatment for tenants under the law while working toward favorable resolutions.



    Why Choose Samira Al Zarooni Law Firm?

    • Expertise: Our team of real estate lawyers possesses a deep understanding of Dubai’s property laws and regulations.
    • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your unique needs, providing tailored solutions that align with your goals.
    • Ethical and Confidential: Your trust is vital to us. We handle your property matters with the utmost confidentiality and ethical integrity.
    • Effective Communication: Clear communication is essential in property matters. Our lawyers keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring transparency.
    • Proven Results: With a track record of successful real estate transactions and dispute resolutions, we have earned the trust of clients across Dubai.

    Reach out to us for legal assistance:

    Whether you’re a property buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or investor, Samira Al Zarooni Law Firm is here to provide you with reliable legal support. Our real estate lawyers in Dubai are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of property law, ensuring your interests are protected at every step. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing your property transactions and investments. Your property goals are our priority, and we are here to help you navigate Dubai’s dynamic real estate landscape with confidence.

    Client Testimonials

    “I had an incredible experience with this law firm in the UAE. They excel in both corporate and personal matters, consistently surpassing expectations with their exceptional follow-up and unwavering support.
    From the moment I hired them, I felt like more than just a client. Their honesty and impressive level of support were truly remarkable. I highly recommend this law firm for their unmatched dedication and personalised approach.”

    Qutaiba Al Ali


    Client Testimonials

    I have no words to say how good they are. Excellent! They took over my case and completed so efficiently. Very prompt in replying to all my queries. Very transparent and confident. I would not hesitate to recommend them anyone for any legal matter. Thank you team for the job well done. It may have been one case for you but it was life changing for me. So grateful.

    Utpala Dissanayake


    Client Testimonials

    Finally found the advocates that i can truly trust and rely on. If you want value for your money then this is the place you should go to. I highly recommend them for any legal matters.

    Mohamed Mustafa


    Client Testimonials

    Saz Advocates is extremely professional and experienced. I received the best outcome for my labour case. The attorneys are exceptional, and constantly followed up with me on my case. I felt prioritized by the team, thanks to their focused effort and commitment to quality. I would recommend this firm to anyone!

    Mohamed Jahangir


    Client Testimonials

    Their services are prompt. They deliver what they promise. The transparency in their services was appealing

    Adeeb khan


    Client Testimonials

    Advocate Noushad sir listened carefully and provided clear, thoughtful, sound advice that took into account the complexity of my situation. All of my dealings with him were handled with sensitivity and respect. I would definitely recommend the services of this firm

    Arunjith K


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