Our Expertise


Criminal Law 

The litigation team of Samira Al Zarooni advocates and legal consultancy provides the necessary legal support in the criminal cases such as the crimes of breach of trust, stealing, bribery, electronic crimes and other crimes. The team files the necessary memorandum and demands, pleads before the court and provide consultation related to criminal cases.

Civil & Commercial Law

Civil & Commercial Law

We provide the efficient legal support in the matters related to the cases and claims filed by or against individuals, companies and Islamic banks with respect to financial claims, termination of contracts, specific performance, Mortgage claims, sale of mortgaged money, disputes with respect to sea and air shipping, claims related to appointment of experts, division of common property, banks and intellectual property rights and all that’s related to civil and commercial matters.

Real Estate & Property Dispute Law

The litigation team of Samira Al Zarooni advocates and legal consultants provide the necessary legal support in the matters related to real estate cases. This includes drafting, sale and purchase contract, handling and following up disputes between the developer and purchaser, the disputes arising with respect to the ownership of properties and the liquidation of cancelled projects, filing memorandums, pleading before courts and advising on all that is related to real estate cases.

 Cyber Law

At the law office of SAMIRA AL ZAROONI ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we have been deeply involved in the defense of clients charged with a variety of “hacking” and Internet crimes for many years. Our criminal defense lawyers monitor the latest investigative and technical Internet crime developments so that our defense against charges of Internet crimes involves cutting edge strategies.

Personal status and Family law

Samira Al Zarooni advocates and legal consultants has extensive practical experience and full representation in all stages of family matters, proceedings and disputes. Our lawyers guide about all possible rights within any family matters to reach effective and quick solution regardless of any nationality or relegion. 

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law

We have our expert lawyers with diverse experience in insolvency and bankruptcy law in dubai. We provide expert advice to individuals and organizations. We will assess your current financial circumstances and help you decide if bankruptcy is the best solution for you or not, and if it is the right solution, you will be given help and assistance with the process.

Intellectual Property Law

When clients are facing or initiating litigation we begin by developing a sound strategy, taking business goals and objectives into consideration. We will act for your intellectual property law suits on a contingency basis. We have all the resources needed for intellectual property clients and our lawyers are proud that we can offer our services like IP litigation, Patent registrations, licensing & Trademark registrations.

Aviation Law

At SAZ, our litigators provide you with complete aviation legal services including the commercial, regulatory and insurance advice to the global and UAE airline service providers and the related manufacturers and financiers.

Maritime & Shipping Law

Based on our experience in this regard the firm Samira Al Zarooni advocates and legal consultants offers a wide range of legal advice to individuals and organizations, government institutions and private companies operating in the industry in all matters relating to the navigation rules and regulations, including but not limited to registration of the ship, maritime insurance dispute boarding and unboarding, financial and maritime security.

Banking & Finance Law

Samira Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants provide legal services for Banks, individual borrowers and corporate lenders in all aspects of banking and Islamic finance law including general transactional works and litigation recovery matters. Our recovery team specializes in possession and collection of unsecured commercial and consumer debts, as well as bounced cheques.


We offer expert advice and services on:

  •         Banking claims and financial law disputes
  •         Banking litigation and arbitration
  •         Enforcement of judgments and securities
  •         Preparation of all forms of securities including debentures, guarantees, and priority deeds
  •         Prosecuting bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings
  •         Formation and licensing of financial institutions, both in the UAE and the DIFC
  •         Debt recovery
  •         Financing and refinancing facilities
  •         Shareholder’s agreements
  •         Rights and obligations of creditors and debtors

Probate and Wills

Our team will advise and assist you with the preparation of wills and the execution matters of probate. It is our experience that the rules and regulations governing the preparation of wills are complex and there are many pitfalls along the way. Our approach is simple, we take your instructions, explain you the legal position and thereafter act in your best interests helping you to draft and register the documents to protect your interest and those of your loved ones.

The absence of a will, or a poorly written document, can mean instructions on how your estate should be dealt with are unclear and lack legal standing. This can lead to disputes over property, belongings, and finance.
We offer an expert yet competitively priced will writing service specifically tailored to the client’s individual circumstances and requirements.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

We have our expert lawyers with diverse experience in insolvency and bankruptcy law in dubai. We provide expert advice to individuals and organizations. We will assess your current financial circumstances and help you decide if bankruptcy is the best solution for you or not, and if it is the right solution, you will be given help and assistance with the process.

Tax Advisory Law 

We advise large multinationals on structuring their investments and operations in the Middle East and leading regional businesses, investment companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, real estate funds on their international investments.

Labour laws

Labour Law

We advise clients, employers and employees on a wide range of contentous and non contentous labour issues in the UAE. Our litigation team has significant experience in advising on board room disputes, severance claims and discrimination and breach of contract claims, settlement negotiations and all types of labour related disputes.


The arbitration team of Samira Al Zarooni Advocates and legal consultants enjoys wide experience in arbitration whether for individuals or companies. We provide our consultation in all stages of arbitration proceeding and represent our clients in arbitration hearing. Our litigation team further provides the necessary support and assistance in the proceedings in the attestation, recognition and enforcement of the international and local arbitral awards.

Drug Possession Crimes 

There are many drug laws in the UAE. We have experienced Lawyers offering a professional advice in drug possession and usage cases.

Severity of judgments rendered in drug crimes depends on quality and quantity of it in addition to the crime circumstances. Some personal circumstances are taken in to consideration like the age and past criminal record of the accused.

Those who are discovered with a substantial amount of an illegal drug in their possession are likely to be prosecuted with the more serious crime of possession with intent to sell. This is a major distinction and it is important you secure the best legal help possible, in order to ensure you are not charged under an elevated crime and wind up facing severe penalties.

If you have found yourself facing a drug charge in the UAE, contact our team from Samira Al Zarooni Advocates and Legal Consultants to arrange a comprehensive and effective defense for yourself in this sensitive situation.

Drug Trafficking and Transportation

The offence of drug trafficking covers the sale or exchange of drugs like marijuana, Tramadol and heroin. Drug transportation offences are similar but are designed to catch the major operatives in the drug trade, and apply to transportation of narcotics from one place to another through any mode of transportation at all. Because of the country’s committed policy to stamp out drugs, penalties can be severe and include:

  • Life imprisonment
  • The death penalty (for repeat offences)
  • Hefty fines
  • Probation

The severity of consequences you or your relatives could face in the event of a drug trafficking or transporting charge mean it is imperative that you choose criminal advocacy that will give you the best chance of fighting these charges. We have successfully advised on such charges at all levels of the legal system.

Legal Drafting

When it comes to legal document drafting services, we have established our place as an effective pacemaker. Our services are helpful to those clients too whose legal requirements are not included under mainstream business.

Our drafting services is professional due to its methodical employment of systematic drafting and writing analogy – a practice which gives all documents drafted by us the efficiency of a legal document.



Our team of lawyers come with ample experience and massive exposure in various areas of legal writing. They understand the consequences that come with erroneous legal documents and ensure that everything that goes out from our desk has been adequately researched, well-written, proof-read and checked again for any errors.

We also undertake legal contract review and provide comprehensive legal advice on the contract to ensure that your rights are protected before executing the contract from the other party.


  • Drafting wills and trust agreements
  • Affidavits drafting
  • Drafting Memorandum of Association
  • Drafting Article of Association
  • Drafting partnership agreements
  • Drafting merger & acquisition agreements
  • Drafting shareholders agreements
  • Drafting structuring agreements
  • Drafting disciplinary policies
  • Drafting power of attorney
  • Drafting authorization letters
  • Drafting Sale Addendum
  • Drafting License Agreement
  • Drafting complaints and summons
  • Drafting legal opinions
  • Proofreading of legal documents
  • Drafting stipulations and motions
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Drafting non-disclosure agreements
  • Drafting terms & conditions of businesses
  • Drafting handbooks, policies and procedures
  • Contractor-sub-contractor agreements
  • Drafting logistics and service agreements
  • Influencer Management Agreement
  • Mutual Termination of Contract
  • Management Agreement
  • Administrative Services Agreement