Property LawGuidelines for Early Tenancy Contract Termination in Dubai: Tips from Legal Experts at SAZ Advocates

March 8, 2024

Are you a tenant in Dubai who wants to evict before the expiration of the tenancy contract but is not sure what to do?

Termination of the tenancy contract before its expiration from the tenant’s side has always raised a legal issue, as the tenancy law No. 26 of 2007 and its amendment organizing the relationship between the landlords and the tenants in the emirate of Dubai (“The Law”) are silent on this matter. And it seems that the legislator has left the organization of this matter to the will of the parties to the tenancy contract (landlord and tenant). 

If you are facing such a situation, here are some tips provided to you by SAZ Advocates, the best law firm in Dubai  

  • Read through your tenancy contract carefully, and check if any clause for early termination is stated. It’s advisable to have your tenancy contract reviewed by a professional lawyer to have a better understanding of your legal options.
  • If there is a clause for early termination of the contract, you are required to activate that clause, which often includes a penalty clause that entitles the owner to claim the rental value for one, two, or three months as a penalty for early termination.
  • If there’s no clause for early termination, you need to approach your landlord to reach an amicable solution.

Remember, you always need to notify your landlord before any action that might be taken by you in connection with your tenancy contract. The notification period is stated in your tenancy contract. If not mentioned, you need to adhere to the notification period stated in the law.

Remember, you always need to seek legal advice before engaging in any binding legal instrument. That too, is from an experienced lawyer in UAE.

Last but not least, it should be noted that what is mentioned in this article is to spread legal awareness only and shall not be considered legal advice on the subject matter. Therefore, you should not act or refrain from acting based on the content of this article without seeking legal advice.

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