NewsAchieving Milestones: Mohamed Noushad, Legal Director at Samira Al Zarooni Advocates, Awarded Golden Visa

August 11, 2023
Mohamed noushad receives Golden Visa
Legal Director of Samira Al Zarooni, Mr. Mohamed Noushad Receives Golden visa

Achieving Milestones: Mohamed Noushad, Legal Director at Samira Al Zarooni Advocates, Awarded Golden Visa

In a remarkable feat that adds a new chapter to his illustrious career, Mohamed Noushad, the esteemed Legal Director of Samira Al Zarooni Advocates, has been awarded the prestigious Golden Visa. This significant achievement not only recognizes his contributions to the legal profession but also underscores the recognition and importance of his work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this blog, we delve into the remarkable journey of Mohamed Noushad and the remarkable milestone of being granted a Golden Visa.

Who is Mohamed Noushad?

Mohamed Noushad is a highly accomplished legal professional renowned for his expertise in various aspects of the law, especially in the UAE’s legal landscape. With an outstanding educational background and an exceptional track record, he has emerged as a leading figure in the legal industry. As the Legal Director of Samira Al Zarooni Advocates, his dedication and commitment have been instrumental in building a reputation for the firm as one of the most trusted legal entities in the region.

The Law Firm: Samira Al Zarooni Advocates

Samira Al Zarooni Advocates is a distinguished law firm based in the UAE, recognized for its exceptional legal services and strategic counsel. With a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers, the firm has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and businesses alike. Under Mohamed Noushad’s leadership, the firm has witnessed remarkable growth and success, solidifying its position as a key player in the UAE’s legal arena.

Understanding the Golden Visa:

The Golden Visa is a special residency scheme introduced by the UAE government to attract exceptional talents, entrepreneurs, and professionals to the country. This visa allows successful applicants and their families to live and work in the UAE for an extended period, offering them various benefits and opportunities.

Mohamed Noushad’ s Contributions and Achievements:

Throughout his career, Mohamed Noushad has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in various legal domains, including corporate law, commercial law, and criminal law. His strategic approach and sharp legal acumen have enabled him to handle complex cases and achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

Significance of the Golden Visa:

Being awarded the Golden Visa is a remarkable achievement, highlighting Mohamed Noushad’s exceptional skills and expertise in the legal field. This prestigious recognition not only solidifies his position as a prominent legal figure in the UAE but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring legal professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark in the region.

The Future Ahead:

With the Golden Visa in hand, Mohamed Noushad’ s future endeavors are bound to witness new possibilities and opportunities. This milestone not only acknowledges his past achievements but also opens doors to further collaboration and partnerships, both within the legal industry and beyond.


The awarding of the Golden Visa to Mohamed Noushad, the esteemed Legal Director of Samira Al Zarooni Advocates, marks a significant moment in the legal landscape of the UAE. His dedication, expertise, and contribution to the legal profession have been rightfully recognized, and this achievement serves as an inspiration to the entire legal community. As he continues to lead the way with his exemplary legal counsel, there is no doubt that Mohamed Noushad will continue to make a positive impact on the legal industry and the lives of countless individuals and businesses he represents.


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