LegalThe consequences of leaving UAE without paying off your DEBTS

June 13, 2022

It is not uncommon to have a bank loan in the UAE. In any case, you need to pay off your debt, regardless of how much you borrowed.

We have come across different scenarios where people end up having a case on them and have a hard time clearing the complications arising from the same.

Let us briefly understand the consequences of leaving UAE without paying off your debts.

  • A civil case can be filed against you by the bank/financial institution with the agreements or cheques which you would have given at the time of taking the loan.
  • This would result in a travel ban, and as immigration and police departments are integrated, you will not be permitted to travel outside UAE until you clear the debts. You can be arrested when you try to re-enter UAE if you left the country with payment defaults.
  • A criminal case can be filed against you if you close your account with the bank with a fraudulent intention, and this can be resulted in jail terms and fines.
  • A police clearance certificate is required for the UAE expats who intend to migrate to other countries, and the application for the same will be rejected if you have a case on you in UAE.
  • Settlement and negotiations on repayment with the banks/financial institutions will be difficult and a time taking process and if you are outside the country, and you might need to assign a representative to walk you through the process.
Leaving UAE with unpaid dues
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